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North Wales ''Farted, dogs went mental.'' That's the only note I've got on my phone from our time in Wales. It's the only thing I've got to refer to, other than my memory, to help me write this last entry. And I'm covering events that happened in September and October '21, in October '22. Quite why I'm writing this so late, I don't know. Oh well. So yeah, I farted and it made some dogs go apeshit. Can't remember doing it, can't remember where. But it happened, apparently. What I can remember is that we were now in North Wales; Rhyl, I believe. Or possibly Llandudno? We met Rach’s mates for a few days’ stay at an Airbnb. It was a great time, and the place was ace. It had a hammock what I stayed in when everyone went out for the day one of the days. I was lying under an apple tree, listening to Test Match Special. Lovely. We had a good laugh. Everyone, I mean; not me and the tree. They took the piss out of our Mr Ballen obsessio

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